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  1. AMUSING project is to attend to the inclusion of students with visual impairment. This objective is addressed from a number of points, including service-learning methodologies that promote awareness of the needs of this group and the educational development of 3D printing skills. 
  2. The experiences of the European museums around the tactile exhibitions have as reference the main three typhlological museums of the continent. It is very interesting to transfer that knowledge to conventional museums and, in addition, to link it with successful educational practices.
  3. This project combines social and educational inclusion, art, science and technology, formal and non-formal education to offer alternatives for accessibility to museums, combining the experience and knowledge of multiple institutions throughout Europe.


Conselleria de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Av. de Campanar, 32, València, Valencia
46015 Valencia -Comunidad Valenciana-SPAIN








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