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FabLab Cuenca is a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory. In these spaces, computer-generated designs can be materialized into real objects.

FabLab Cuenca is focused on the creation of a community workspace to promote the use and knowledge of digital manufacturing and new technologies.

FabLab Cuenca makes knowledge and computer-controlled …

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CONSELLERIA DE EDUCACIÓN, INVESTIGACIÓN, CULTURA Y DEPORTE, is the department of the Consell de la Generalitat Valenciana. GVA (Regional Government) with the corresponding competence in education, formal training, universities and science, and promoting cultural heritage, language policy and sport in Valencia Region (Spain). This Department is organized in central services to extend its …

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The IES Conselleria state school is located in the Campanar district in the city of Valencia, Spain. It dates back from 1986 and offers Secondary education, A-levels and Vocational Training courses to a number of students in the area of Valencia and its surroundings in morning and evening shifts.

Our school is the 3 Gymnasium Kifissias and has almost all the necessary facilities for the students’ needs. Inside the building there are 12 classrooms, the Headmaster’s office, Teachers’ office, and a Computer and Technology Laboratory. Additionally, we have a School Library with rich material in many categories of books (literature, history, …

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IES Benlliure is a State High School located in Valencia city centre. It was founded more than 49 years ago. During the early 70´s IES Benlliure cater for the Secondary Education of many students that nowadays hold relevant positions in Valencia Society. Moreover, our school is located between two different neighbourhoods: the first …

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Conselleria de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Av. de Campanar, 32, València, Valencia
46015 Valencia -Comunidad Valenciana-SPAIN








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