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FabLab Cuenca is a Digital Manufacturing Laboratory. In these spaces, computer-generated designs can be materialized into real objects.

FabLab Cuenca is focused on the creation of a community workspace to promote the use and knowledge of digital manufacturing and new technologies.

FabLab Cuenca makes knowledge and computer-controlled precision machines available to all citizens to be able to carry out and develop their ideas. Everyone can discover how easy it is to use new technologies to manufacture almost anything, through an educational awareness program that will include workshops, activities and training courses related to digital manufacturing.

From the “open source” culture, based on the concept of sharing knowledge and promoting the open exchange of ideas, we create a social and technological impact on a local scale by empowering the citizens through the use of new technologies, recycling and creativity.

Our goal is to become an educational and creative tool open to all audiences, through a spirit based on collaboration, design and shared knowledge.


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Conselleria de Educación, Cultura y Deporte

Av. de Campanar, 32, València, Valencia
46015 Valencia -Comunidad Valenciana-SPAIN








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