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Municipalities are basic entities of the territorial organization of the State and immediate channels of citizen participation in public affairs.

The Valencia City Council is the body in charge of the government and administration of our municipality.

The Valencia City Council is organized and acts in full compliance with the Law and the Rights, and exercises its powers in full compliance with the provisions of the Spanish Constitution, in the basic state legislation on local government, issued under article 149.1.18ª CE, and in the local legislation approved by the Valencian Community in the scope of its powers.

The Valencia City Council is organized and exercises its powers within the limits of local autonomy recognized and protected by the Spanish Constitution and in accordance with the provisions of its Organic Regulations for Government and Administration.

The Valencia City Council exercises its own powers, set out in Law 7/1985 Regulating the Bases of the Local Regime, in a regime of autonomy and under its own responsibility; as well as others of a delegated nature in the specific terms of the delegation.

In accordance with articles 3 to 9 of the Organic Regulations, the general principles governing the Valencia City Council are:

  • Principle of legality
  • Principle of local autonomy
  • Principle of objective service to the general interest
  • Principle of democratic participation
  • Principle of democratic integrity, transparency and proximity
  • Principle of responsible management
  • Principle of efficiency, functional decentralization and deconcentration


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